Natalie MacMahon
Natalie MacMahon

Hey there, I’m Natalie MacMahon.

I’m an actress, director, writer, translator, language coach, voice over artist & presenter based in Berlin.


Natalie gained her first acting and performance experiences at a very young age and studied performing arts with the focus on acting in Berlin. After finishing her studies, she worked in German and international film productions, shot music videos, commercials and performed on stage.

A few years ago, the ambitious German actress decided to dedicate more time to writing and producing her own films. Natalie's short films "The Man Who Couldn't Cry", "Like A Summer Sonata" and "Lola wants to see the sea" have been shown at numerous international film festivals. Her latest films "It's getting darker every day" and "A Universal Love Story" premiered last year and have already won several awards. Natalie just finished working on her new short film, a fantasy drama with a virtual reality theme called "The Red Head" and founded a new film festival called the "Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin" (FFFB), which is going to take place for the first time in 2019.

Based on her love for languages, Natalie also started a second career as a translator & interpreter (German/English/Spanish) and works as a language coach. Apart from that, she gained just as much experience as a presenter and voice over artist in different languages. Natalie just released her brand new sci-fi drama "The Funeral Dancer" and shot her Esperanto web series called "Malsano Nomata Amo”, which will be released on February 14, 2019.




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Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Natalie MacMahon

Natalie MacMahon_LOGO.jpg
Natalie MacMahon_LOGO.jpg

German (native), English (like native), Spanish (C2), Italian (C1), French (B1), Icelandic (basics), also a passionate Esperanto learner and now a Chinese beginner (see: “Natalie’s Chinese Challenge 2019”

Special Skills:
Voice Over, Presenting, German Teacher, Photography (Photoshop knowledge), Editing (Final Cut 7), Kickboxing, Aikido, Singing, French Accent, Zumba, Salsa, Charleston

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